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Smartphone App
for long distance calling

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Long Distance
Calling App
Simple, Convenient, Affordable
GL2GO Long Distance
Smartphone application
for long distance calling

  • No need to use your mobile plan outgoing minutes
  • One step dialing from your contact list
  • No PIN to key in, no access # to dial
  • Save money on mobile long distance calls
  • Receive 60 trial minutes upon registration

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1st included feature
Call Back
Eliminate expensive outbound mobile minutes
Call Back Feature (included)
unlimited outgoing
mobile minutes
If you have an unlimited incoming plan, use the GL2GO Call Back feature to make calls.

With Call Back, you receive calls the same way you always did but now your outgoing minute usage is eliminated.

Turn your unlimited incoming calls into outgoing calls!

To learn more about Call Back on GL2GO please visit the How To Use page and select the type of smartphone you are using.

2nd included feature
Direct Dial
Reduce long distance mobile bills
Direct Dial Feature (included)
affordable calls
in one simple step
Even if you don't have an unlimited incoming plan on your phone, GL2GO enables you to make calls at low rates in one simple step.

With Direct Dial you no longer need to enter any access numbers or PINs, let us do all the dialing for you!

Mobile Long Distance calling at phone card rates has never been easier.

To learn more about Direct Dial on GL2GO please visit the How To Use page and select the type of smartphone you are using.

*Promotional minutes of call time and rates apply only to calls made within Canada and the USA with the exception of Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and Alaska.
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