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What is GL2GO

GL2GO is a long distance calling App developed by product experts. It combines Gold Line’s low prepaid long distance to your existing address book making your long distance calling from anywhere in the world more convenient and cost effective than ever.

Bid farewell to high charges on your cell phone, and enjoy talking long distance on your Smartphone with GL2GO at a fraction of the regular cost! With GL2GO, you never need to concern yourself with high per-minute rates again. GL2GO makes long distance calling from your mobile phone simple and affordable.

GL2GO comes with 60* free trial long distance minutes to call anywhere in Canada and the USA! Simply download the application to your Smartphone and choose to make calls using the Call Back or Direct Dial feature.

GL2GO offers the following features to its users:
  • Affordable international calling
  • Detailed call history
  • Simple download application
  • No PIN or access number entry
  • Quick account recharge online or with Customer Service
  • No need to change your long distance service provider
  • Multilingual, 24-hour Customer Service
  • No connection fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Easy dialing
  • Automatic low rates applied
  • Pay-As-You-Go


Convenient Recharge
The GL2GO service has a convenient online rechargeable feature. Once you have used up your minutes, there is no need to visit a retail store to purchase a new phone card. GL2GO gives you your own online account to recharge anytime using your credit card.

Direct Dial or Call Back
Select from two different features when you make your calls: Call Back and Direct Dial.

The Direct Dial feature
Enables you to make long distance calls from your cell phone by selecting your destination number and initiating the call from your smartphone menu. The application dials the number and connects you to your called party.

The Call Back feature
This feature allows users to turn their outgoing calls in to incoming calls and save. Users can take advantage of the free incoming minutes on their own mobile plans and eliminate the need to use their expensive outgoing minutes. Simply connect to the destination of your choice by calling yourself back instead of calling the recipient directly. The call will be applied to your mobile phone as an incoming call rather than an outgoing call.

The Enhanced Call Back Option

- Connect people together
GL2GO users can establish a phone call connection between two people residing anywhere in the world without either party initiating or paying for the call.
Example: If you are a GL2GO account holder and wish to connect Sonia in China to John in Germany, first you must dial (or select from contacts) John’s number as your Destination Number and then enter Sonia’s number from China as your Call Back number. John and Sonia will get connected at no cost to them.

*Costs are determined by a on combination of two charges applied from Toronto (our switching facility) to destination number and from Toronto to Call Back number. Using the example above, a GL2GO account holder will be charged the total costs of calling from Toronto to Germany plus from Toronto to China.

- Save on roaming fees while travelling
If you wish to avoid roaming charges, select the Call Back option and change the number in the “Call me back at” field to a local number of your choice. After doing so, you will receive a call back to the number you entered in the “Call me back at” field. In this way, you can avoid exorbitant roaming charges while away from your local calling area.

For Enhanced call back rates please see “world to world” in the rates page.

Long Distance

Low Long Distance Rates
Enjoy the attractively low rates automatically applied to your calls! There is no need to enter a PIN or access number. Simply select the destination number from your smartphone phonebook and select "Call Back" or "Call with Direct Dial" from your menu. This triggers your GL2GO application to apply the predetermined low rates to your phone call.

No matter what part of the world you live in, GL2GO suits the demands of all your long distance needs.”

With over 20 years of experience in the prepaid long distance market, the Group of Gold Line is able to provide a premium smartphone application for long distance services at very competitive rates.

When you upload GL2GO, you automatically receive 60* FREE minutes of long distance calling to Canada and the USA!

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*Promotional minutes of call time and rates apply only to calls made within Canada and the USA with the exception of Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and Alaska.
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